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September 19th, 2008

omg... yayyy

Surveys~ The most relaxing shit in the world.

THE AUTHOR[01] Real name: Evan Cox. (loll. that's another name for penis.)
[02] Nickname: I've had a few. I'm kinda getting used to Pill Addict though.
[03] Married: Well. Technically I've never divorced any of the people I've married.
[04] Zodiac Sign: Leo
[05] Gender: Male
[06] Age: 17
[07] High School: Eastbrook some shit.
[08] College: UEA. Forgot what the fuck that stood for.
[09] Height: 5'11
[10] Weight: 180... Fucking fat ass, right?
[11] Do you like yourself: Nahh.
[12] Piercings: Earrings. I had a lip ring, but the bitch wouldn't fit in the hole.
[13] Right or left: ...Left or right what?
[14] Are you a freak : I dunno.
[15] Hair: Bluish black now.
[16] Skin: Ugh. Paling.
[17] Allergic: -Possibly- Cat hair. I was when I was like. Five. Now I dunno.
[18] What are you doing now: Not sleeping.
[19] What will you doing 1hour later: Sleeping, at least I hope the fuck I am.

[20] What will you doing 10 years later: No clue. Maybe I'll just kill myself. Seeing as how I take about seventeen pain killers a day now. Kinda surprising it hasn't happened yet.

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: Both.
[22] Siblings(included you): Younger sister.
[23] Eldest: Me.
[24] Youngest: The little one.
[25] Love/hate your family: They could be worse.

[26] You found your another half: Thought I did.
[27] If yes, who is he/she: .
[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: I don't know anymore.
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: Twice.
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): ...What the fuck, woo? I don't live in The Sims 2, gud sir.
[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): ...What the fuck does woo mean?

[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: Meh.
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: suck my dick plox.

[34] Ever argue with your other half: ...
[35] You with your other half since: dude. you need to learn a better listener.

[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: Straight as a line.
[37] Reasons you love your other half: guh. I don't have one..

[38] You and your other half in which stage: shut the fuck up.
[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: ...What the fuck is this shit?

[40] Ever think of marry he/she: ...Blow. Me. Plox.

[41] Your first best friend: Ugh.. I don't have alot of people I'd consider a friend. So.. Probably Andy.
[42] Your first enemy: Bitch please. Everyone's my enemy.
[43] The friend you love the most(1only): ...? Not gay, thanks.
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): You can't possibly expect me to choose!
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: ...I'm starting to think this quiz was made exclusively for women. Maybe I should learn more about surveys before I go jacking them.
[46] Your most handsome boy friend: I'm not gay, fuck off.
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: The 'omg, i shall obey your every command' types.
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: I hate anyone who's super nice, friendly, and loves anime..
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: Nah..
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: Nope.
[51] If your friend backstabbing you: Ehh.. Depends on the type of backstabbing it is.
[52] If your friend betray you: I suggest that mother fuckers gets ready for a lifetime without a dick.
[53] If your friend woo your lover: Again. Dick. He's not gonna have it anymoar.
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: Wouldn't happen.
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: I'd be a fag. I'm not ever, ever going to be a fag.

[56] Are you a good student: Oh fuck no.
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: lolno.
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: The one who sucks my dick.
[59] Always late to school/college: Eh.. My mom kicks my ass out of the house in the morning way to earlier to be late for school.
[60] Your class: ...Your class, what the fuck?
[61] You love your seniors: Not really.
[62] Senior who you love the most: ...Do you mean seniors as the class group or as in the old fuckers who shit themselves?
[63] Your classmates good/bad: Druggies.
[64] Excellent result classmate: Dunno.
[65] Laziest classmate: Meee

[66] Smart people: ...I don't associate myself with them smart types.
[67] Stupid people: My friends.
[68] Good looking people: ...I don't really look at my friends like that. sorry.
[69] Ugly people: Guh. I don't fucking know.

[70] Funny people: most of them.
[71] Cute people: Ugh.. Just fuck off.
[72] Bad people: Uhm. I steal sleeping pillz from my Grandma, does that make me a badperson?
[73] Honest people: Don't recall.

[74] Acting people: Uhm.. Dunno.
[75] You are what kind of people: Mr. Don't Give a Fuck.

[76] Lip or eyes: ...I dunno?
[77] Hugs or kisses: Can't I have both?
[78] Shorter or taller: ...Sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to be shorter..
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Hesitant.
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: ...Eh. I dunno.
[81] Listener or talker: Listener for the most part. Though  I do enjoy ranting.
[82] Romantic or rich: Ugh. I haven't given much of a shit about anyone lately, to be honest.
[83] Good husband or Good Father: ...God damn it. This survey was made for women. Fuck.

[84] Age to get marry: No clue.
[85] Numbers of kid(s): Ehhh.. Children are bastards. But it might  be nice to have some around for the crops season.
[86] Career: Seriously? I'd say a university lecturer.
[87] Salary: Enough to pay for a one bedroom apartment.
[88] Retirement age: When I'm damn good and rea.
[89] Properties value: ...No fucking idea.
[90] Wishes: I wish that Andy would get those god damn shrooms. Like, right now.

lol. the victims? The fuck does this mean? Ugh. Well. Understand if you are
a. Nice.
b. Friendly.
c. Watch anime. 
I am going to piss with you. Alot.

September 5th, 2008

Oh. Another thing.

...I really hate being completely addicted to the internet and not being able to leave -_-

September 1st, 2008


So... This journal is nao obsolete. nadathree.livejournal.com/ is nao the one I'm going to use... Though I suspect Lenies going to write something about our  breakup in her journal.. And I need to reply on time this time around.

August 27th, 2008

Part ten~ I DID IT. YAY.

902.) What is the funniest portapotty company name you have ever seen?: I usually don’t stop to read them.
903.) How many people are on your AIM buddy list?: Dun have one.
904.) Do you like the Godfather movies?: Yes.
905.) How about Good Fellas?: One of my favorites.
906.) Watch the Sopranos?: Nope.
907.) Does the mobster life appeal to you?: Makes for good movies.
908.) Do you know anyone in the mob?: Nope.
909.) Have you ever woken up to find a horse head laying in your bed?: Every night.
910.) If you could rename your town to be anything you want, what would you name it?: Shit hole.
911.) Osama Bin Laden: dead or alive?: I dunno.
912.) Do you wear a lot of bright colors?: I usually just wear red.
913.) Do you watch day time soaps?: School doesn’t let me be home in the day.
914.) Do you watch Cartoon Network?: Adult swim, sometimes.
915.) Do you use a calculator?: Sometimes.
916.) What kind is it?: Dunno.
917.) Do you like pizza to be delivered to you?: Nuh. Never know what the bitch.
918.) Did you ever have to do a science project?: Never actually did them.
919.) Don’t they suck?: Never really attempted them.
920.) Did you ever have to help a family member with a science project?: Never knew about them.
921.) Do you help out at the Special Olympics?: …No.
922.) Do you know anyone with mental disabilities?: About 1/3 of my school.
923.) Are you a racist?: Not at all.
924.) When you go to restaurants do you eat a lot or try and minimize you intake?: I dun eat very much anyway.
925.) Do you diet?: It consists of nothing.
926.) Do you have trouble sticking to promises?: Don’t make them,

927.) How often do you shower?: About once a day.
928.) Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?: As long as I remember to.
929.) How often do you wash your face?: About every time I wash my hands.
930.) When you bleed do you use a band aid?: Nuh,
931.) Do you wash your cuts out with soap and water?: No.
932.) Do you wash your hair every day?: Just about.
933.) Do you blow your nose a lot?: Nuh.
934.) Do you cough a lot?: Not really.
935.) If so, do you cover your mouth or let the germs fly?: Cover thine mouth, of course.
936.) Do you wear deoderant regularly?: Everyday.

937.) Do you have any type of mental disability?: Nope.
938.) Do you have OCD?: Dunno what it is.
939.) Do you have ADHD?: Nuh.
940.) Are you on any medication for any mental disorder?: Nope.
941.) Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?: Probably
942.) Do you get sick really often and for long periods of time?: Nuh.
943.) Have you ever had the chicken pox?: Nope.
944.) The monkey pox?: Nuh.
945.) The mumps?: No.
946.) The measles?: Nah.
947.) Did you ever have a hole in your heart?: It hath been filled <3.

The Last Set of Random Questions
948.) Have you ever been on TV?: Nope.
949.) Have you ever been on the radio?: Nuh.
950.) In the newspaper?: Nuh.
951.) Have you ever been quoted by anyone at all?: Not that I know of.
952.) Do you watch Saved By The Bell?: No.
953.) Did you cry when Mr. Rogers died?: I dun do that often.
954.) Did you ever see the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: Awesome movie.
955.) Do you think Frank Zilinski is a moron?: No clue who that is.
956.) Throw me some Polish names: Dunno any.
957.) What size shoe do you have?: Twelve to thirteen.
958.) How many pairs of shoes do you have?: Not many since Steve started stealing them
959.) How big is your wardrobe?: Not big enough
960.) How much do you weigh?: 180
961.) How tall are you?: 5’ 11
962.) Do you have cankles?: Dunno what they are.
963.) Do you have fat wrists?: Thinnest wrists in the world, I have.
964.) Fat thighs?: The fat just won’t go anywhere -.-
965.) Do you shave your toes?: Nuh.
966.) Do you shave your legs?: Nuh uh.
967.) How often?: Never.
968.) How about those armpits?: Nope
969.) Are you a germaphobe?: Thar wouldn’t be so much dog shit in my room if thar was.
970.) How many legs does an octopus have?: Eight, I assume.
971.) How many legs do you have?: Two, last time I checked.
972.) Do you have braces?: Never have, never will.
973.) Are you getting sick of these questions?: I want to get back to writing emo entries, honestly.
974.) Do you snort when you laugh?: Not that I know of.
975.) Do you snore?: I think I do.
976.) Do you have your own room?: Yeah.
977.) Do you have an overactive bladder?: …I think so.
978.) How about an overactive pooper?: …No.
979.) Have you ever had an out of body experience?: Nope.
980.) Do you know who Tim Burton is and/or do you like him?: Pretty bad ass dude.
981.) How about Tim Curry?: No clue.
982.) Are you ticklish?: Unfortunately -_-
983.) Do you have a gay uncle?: Nuh.
984.) A lesbian aunt?: Not that I know of.
985.) Do you like salad?: No.
986.) Have you ever been to a Farmers Market?: Don’t think so.
987.) Ever been to a pig auction?: Nope.
988.) Are you artsy?: Not really. Artists are required to give a shit about what they do.
989.) Do you like to eat pie?: Nuh.
990.) Do you like to say "no pun intended" for no reason?: Never used the phrase in my life.
991.) Whats your favorite pie flavor?: Don’t have one.
992.) Do you like ice cream cake?: Don’t like cake, Don’t like ice cream. Mixing them together just smells trouble.
993.) Is the glass half empty or half full?: Neither, it’s incomplete.
994.) Who was the Lone Ranger’s, nephew’s, horse?: Dunno.
995.) Do you like cheese?: Only when it’s melted.
996.) Do you know Eric Shaun?: Don’t know the guy.
997.) Do you think that last question was really lame?: Yeah.
998.) Did you think this whole survey was really lame?: It was a waste of time.
999.) Was it a waste of your time?: I have time to waste.
1000.) Do you waste a lot of time doing stupid pointless things when you should be doing more important things?: I cud be bugging Lenie to talk to me, but that might cause relationship problems.
1001.) Do you think too much?: Way too much.

August 26th, 2008

Part nine

802.) Power Ranger: None of them
803.) Rugrat: Can’t remember any of thar names.
804.) Powerpuff Girl: I has a pen0r. For the last time.
805.) Villain: Ugh… The dude from No Country For Old Men was pretty badass. Guess I’m him, accept my hair doesn’t suck.

Do You Own…
806.) A cell phone?: Yeah.
807.) A CPR certification card?: Not that I know of.
808.) A Member’s Only jacket?: No.
809.) A book over 900 pages long?: It’s a combination of three books…
810.) A porno?: I have sum book marked on my computer… Does that count?
811.) A gun?: BB gun. ;~;
812.) A pair of toe socks?: Nuh.
813.) A portable DVD player?: Nope.
814.) A Michael Bolton CD?: Noes.
815.) A car?: Yeah.
816.) A trucker hat?: No.
817.) A pair of cut-off shorts?: Lol. No.
818.) A wife beater?: Nuh.
819.) A butcher knife?: Thars a few in my kitchen.
820.) A pocket knife?: Nuh. Had a few but I lost dem all.
821.) A Rolex?: Nuh.
822.) A bike?: I think thars one somewhar that’s legally mine.
823.) A thong?: Lol. No.
824.) A bikini?: No.
825.) A speedo (guys)?: No.
826.) Anything from Tijuana?: Nope.
827.) A drum set?: Nuh.
828.) An electric guitar?: No.
829.) A signed photo of anyone famous?: Nope.
830.) Any of the "Rocky" movies?: No.

More Random Questions….no they will not stop
831.) Do you have fleas?: Not that I’m aware of.
832.) Quote Aladdin in any way: Noes.
833.) Did you ever play backyard baseball in real life?: Nope.
834.) How big is your backyard?: Pretty damn big.
835.) Do you like hairy backs?: No.
836.) Hairy chests?: Nuh.
837.) Are you attracted to older men/women?: Only attracted to one girl at the moment…
838.) Do you wish you had more hair?: Not really.
839.) What does Prilosec treat?: No clue.
841.) Are you on any medication?: If so. I must’ve forgotten to take it.
842.) Do you have asthma?: I did when I was little.
843.) Do you have an inhaler?: No.
844.) Do you use your inhaler more than 5 times a week?: No.
845.) Do you think you need to take medication for this disorder?: I has a disorder?
846.) When was the last time you got a haircut?: A few months ago.
847.) What is your hair length?: Almost to my shoulders.
848.) Do you know how to change a tire?: I’ve done it before, can’t remember hao though.
849.) Do you know how to change oil in a car?: Think so.
850.) Did a ring ever turn your finger purple/blue/green?: Nope.
851.) Have you ever taken a bus ride to another state?: I don’t think so.
852.) Have you ever taken a bus to the mall?: Nope.
853.) Do you like the show Recess?: It’s better than half the shit on tv nowadays.
854.) What’s your take on the show Judge Judy?: ‘I know, we need a high rated show, let’s make a bitch a lawyer!’
855.) When did WW2 start?: Several years after the first world war.
856.) When did it end?: …Can’t think of a smart ass remark… Grr.
857.) What is your nationality?: Could be anything.
858.) Where did your family come from?: Hell.
859.) Have you ever been to Hell?: Family reunions.
860.) Do you believe there is a Satan?: Yeah.
861.) Do you believe in angels?: Mhm.
862.) Do people always tell you that you look stoned?: Hasn’t happened.
863.) What percentage of the time are you actually NOT stoned?: Just told you, it hasn’t happened.
864.) Do you like to say random words during conversations like "naked" to get people’s reactions?: Nuh.
865.) Do you own any NKOTB merchandise?: Never heard of it, so I don’t think so.
866.) Have you ever gotten the urge to bang any member from Menudo?: …Never heard of it.
867.) Aren’t those Menudo kids soooooooooooooo sexy?: Dunno. Do they has boobies?
868.) Do you constantly use away messages even if you are gone for 3 days at one shot?: I prefer the signoff button.
869.) Do you collect anything?: Nuh.
870.) Have you ever made a bong from an exhaust pipe?: Nope.
871.) Do you have pothead neighbors?: I have a neighbor that has less since than a dude very baked on pot.
872.) Which is your favorite toe?: I don’t pick favorites.
873.) Favorite finger?: …Middles the most useful.
874.) How many wisdom teeth do you have?: Dunno.
875.) Do you have a Kidz Bop CD?: Nuh.
876.) Do you like to watch the Kidz Bop commercials just because they’re so sad and stupid?: …No.
877.) Have you ever made out with someone of the same sex?: Never ever gonna happen.
878.) If you answered yes to 877, WHY????????!!!: Didn’t answer yes. Sorry.
879.) Do you grind a lot?: Don’t think so.
880.) Do you like to grate cheese?:... No. I prefer skinning potatoes.
881.) Can you sing the Oscar Meyer jingle?: Never.
882.) Are you related to someone famous through only 3 degrees of seperation?: Nuh.
883.) How about 5 degrees of seperation?: Don’t think so.
884.) OK be honest…hows the survey so far?: Time killer.
885.) Do you usually like to answer all the questions on surveys?: Mhm.
886.) What time is it?: None of your business, asshole.
887.) Do you use the word ‘uber’ a lot?: Nope.
888.) Do you pretend like you know other languages when you really don’t?: Only to make dumb asses on the internet fuck off.
889.) Can you take a crap in other people’s houses without feeling awkward?: Never felt the need to.
890.) Have you ever overflowed a toilet in public?: No.
891.) What did you do?: FILLING IN ALL QUESTIONS.
892.) Have you ever heard an old lady say "fuck"?: My moms.
893.) Do you swear like a sailor?: On the internet, yeah. Real life… Not suh much.
894.) Do you think it’s sassy when people of the opposite sex swear every once in a while when they usually don’t?: …Dunno.
895.) Can you sit on the toilet and take a poo?: No. It’s way to nerv racking, I have to stand up.
896.) What term do you like to use for poo the most: Shit.
897.) What does PMS stand for?: Never took the time to learn.
898.) Do you like to inhale potpourri?: Nuh.
899.) Can you say the alphabet backwards without stopping?: Never wanted to try.
900.) How far can you count on your fingers?: Never felt like making an attempt.
901.) Are outhouses or porta potties ok for you?: Better than shitting on a tree.

Part 8

702.) Can you do the limbo?: Haven’t made an attempt in years.
703.) Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?: I really shud.

Which Friend…
704.) Has the best taste in music?: The anime fag ones.
705.) Has the coolest name?: None of them.
706.) Has the best taste in movies?: Gaje.
707.) Has the nicest hair?: Lenie.
708.) Has the fittest body?: Don’t think any of them do.
709.) Do you hang out with most?: Don’t like them enough to, sorry.
710.) Has the coolest parents?: Don’t know thar parents.
711.) Lives closest to you?: No ones allowed to get close to me nao. Cept Lenie..
712.) Lives the farthest from you?: I dunno.
713.) Can you relate to most?: Don’t really relate to any of them.
714.) Is the best for advice on anything?: Never asked the dumb asses.
715.) Can you make you laugh the easiest?: Mitch.

Word Association!
716.) blow: Job.
717.) lollipop: Lick
718.) obnoxious: Jackass.
719.) cold: shivering.
720.) hot: Cold.
721.) smell: shit.
722.) car: road.
723.) rain: Water.
724.) wet: Pen0r
725.) steamy: Secks.
726.) bite: Pain.
727.) beer: Drink.
728.) rock: Hard.
729.) hard: Pen0r.
730.) soft: Lenies boobies.

OK Here’s the dirty part
731.) Have you ever played a game that required the removal of clothing?: Nuh.
732.) What’s your favorite place to be kissed?: …Pen0r?
733.) Are you a tease?: I r a whore, actually.
734.) Spit or swallow: …Fuck you.

More "Do you"…
735.) Twirl your hair?: Not really.
736.) Hate yourself?: Most of the time.
737.) Want to kill yourself?: Considered it.
738.) Dream of death and blood and gore?: Yeah.
739.) Go into frequent fits of depression and/or rage?: Yeah.
740.) Touch your face a lot?: Nope.
741.) Watch MTV?: Nah.
742.) Have any lesbian/gay/bi friends?: No.
743.) Consider yourself tolerant of other people’s differences?: Some of them.
744.) Wish you could fly?: It’d be kinda nice. Wouldn’t need to buy a plane ticket to London.
745.) Wish you could be invisible?: It’d also be enjoyable.
746.) Read minds?: Yeah.
747.) Watch wrestling?: I dun like gay pr0n very much.
748.) Like filling out love surveys?: Thar kind of fun.
749.) Work out?: Try to.
750.) Play any sports?: Nah.

More Have You Ever…
751.) Gotten a DUI?: Don’t even have a drivers license yet.
752.) A speeding ticket?: No.
753.) Been in a fist fight?: I has big ass friends to protect me.
754.) Participated in a backyard wrestling match?: Nope.
755.) Considered a life as a criminal?: Thought about it.
756.) Held a gun?: BB gun.
757.) Considered prostituting yourself for money?: I just dun think I’d make a gud one.
758.) Been used?: Felt like it.
759.) Been rejected?: No.
760.) Experimented with homosexuality?: Fuck no.
761.) Threw up on a roller coaster?: Nuh.
762.) Laughed so hard you peed your pants?: …Eww. The person before me put yes.
763.) Slept more than 13 hours straight?: Think so.
764.) Tackled the mailman?: Never felt a need to.
765.) Laugh so hard you cried?: Nope.
766.) Been on the phone for more than 5 hours straight?: Nuh.
767.) Done crack?: No.
768.) Done cocaine?: Nuh.
769.) Passed out during school?: No.
770.) Had unprotected sex?: I really shud.

More Random Questions!!!!!!!!!!
771.) Do you know what boricua/moricua/morena mean?: No.
772.) What language is spoke in Brazil?: Portuguese, is what the chick before me put.
773.) Can you name all 32 football teams in the NFL?: Can’t even name five of them.
774.) How about every baseball team in MLB?: Don’t think I even know one of them.
775.) Do you like hot dogs?: Nope.
776.) Are baseball games fun?: No.
777.) Is 7 a lucky number?: Sum would consider it so.
778.) Do you believe in Ouiji boards?: Not at all.
779.) Have you ever played a guitar?: Nuh.
780.) Do you have dreams about becoming famous?: Who hasn’t?
781.) Do you like U2?: Nuh.
782.) Has anyone ever asked you about U2 and you responded "I LOVE U2!" and the other person got really confused?: Nuh.
783.) Do you own a CD by the Beatles?: Ripped a song from one of thar cds.
784.) Do you straighten your hair?: You’ve asked that before, I swear.
785.) Do you wear sweat pants?: No.
786.) Do you wear black lipstick?: Nuh, the color your mom wears is red, all over my pen0r nao.
787.) What kind of headphones do you have?: Shitty ones.
788.) Do you use your portable CD player a lot?: Don’t have one.
789.) How often do you need to buy a new CD player?: Not very often.
790.) What is the CD in your CD player right now?: Smashing pumpkins, I think.
791.) How often do you change your underwear?: Everyday.
792.) Are you addicted to popping pimples?: If they appear, I pop them.
793.) Do you ever slip and accidentally say "pimping popples" instead of "popping pimples"?: No.
794.) Do you have a walk in closet?: …No.
795.) Did you ever get stuck in a closet while listening to "Harder to breathe" or whatever by Maroon 5?: ...No.
796.) Do you pray daily?: It’s moar begging then praying.
797.) If you die right now what will happen to you?: Heaven, hopefully.
798.) Are you paranoid?: Moar then anyone.
799.) Do you go to thrift stores to shop?: No.
800.) Have you ever seen a used pair of underwear for sale?: …Not used as far as I know.

Which One Are You?
801.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Unsure.

Part seven.

602.) Chinese?: Nuh.
603.) Portuguese?: Nope.
604.) (If you don’t, do you wish you knew any of these languages?): I really wish I knew Spanish.
605.) The capital of Switzerland?: Nuh.
606.) The capital of the US?: Person before me put DC.
607.) All of the Canadian provinces?: Not even one of them.
608.) The two most commonly used languages in the world?: Leet and English? Well. I know English.
609.) How to fly a kite?: I suck ass at it, but yeah.
610.) How to surf?: No.
611.) Skateboard?: Fell on my ass once. Gave up.
612.) How about rollerblade?: Suck ass at it.
613.) What year the Korean war started?: Person before me says 1812.

614.) What is the one thing in the world that makes you teary eyed?: Losing Lenie.
615.) Happy eyed?: I dun do that.
616.) What song always makes you sad?: Nun.
617.) Happy?: Nun.
618.) Which person always makes you really happy?: Lenie
619.) Really depressed?: I don’t do that.
620.) Are you a really emotional person?: Not at all.
621.) Are you a naturally depressed person?: Nope.
622.) A naturally happy person?: Not at all.
623.) How long does it take you to overcome a bad emotion?: With my ability to block things out and run away, not very long.
624.) What do you do?: I think and think until I forget.
625.) What song do you think was written about your life?: Easier to Run – Linkin Park.

The Last Person To…
626.) Who was the last person to hug you?: This dude. Trying to be funny. Pissed me off.
627.) Talk to you?: Moms.
628.) IM you?: Lenie.
629.) Touch you physically?: I don’t like it when mother fuckers touch me >:/
630.) Touch you emotionally?: Lenie.
631.) Hurt you?: Lenie, from forever ago.
632.) Make you feel gooooood?: …Lenie again?
633.) Scold you?: …As in yell at me because I did something wrong? Never happened.
634.) Praise you?: Lenie, only person that ever has.
635.) Say "Hello" to you?: Can’t recall.

636.) Are you secure with yourself?: I’m getting there.
637.) What do other people think of you?: Better not be shit.
638.) What kind of person do you see yourself as?: Angry.
639.) What is your one maaaaajjoooorrrr weakness?: Lenie.
640.) Do you consider yourself to be a strong person?: Not at all.
641.) A weak person?: Probably.
642.) Are you stressed out?: All the time.
643.) If someone insults you, can you just brush it off or move on?: Counter attack.
644.) Do you hold grudges against others that insult you?: Yep.
645.) If you are sitting in class and you say something really dumb or do something really stupid and everyone starts laughing at you, can you brush it off easily?: No. I tell the assholes to stop laughing.

MORE Random Stuff
671.) Name all the Teletubbies in order right now no thinking: Fuck you.
672.) Do you like to blurt out random sayings in a conversation for no reason?: No.
673.) Do you talk Simmish?: I don’t think anyone does.
674.) Oday ouyay peaksay igpay atinlay?: Did you just call me gay?
675.) Isn’t pig latin the best?: Not at all.
676.) Do you have a distinct smell?: Nuh.
677.) Do you know anyone who has a distinct smell that you wish you could bottle and make a perfume or something?: …No.
678.) Have you ever read Gone With the Wind?: Nope.
679.) Did you ever have a crazy eighth grade teacher?: Nope.
680.) Are you in an asylum?: Yeah. It’s computer night though.
681.) College?: Probably won’t get in.
682.) What is your favorite scent?: Don’t have one.
683.) Do you eat chocolate?: Not really.
684.) Where is your favorite restaurant?: Don’t have one.
685.) What is the best feeling in the world?: Knowing that I has Lenie.
686.) What is the worst feeling in the world?: All of them.
687.) Do like Spongebob?: Nuh.
688.) Do you think he’s gay?: …He’s a cartoon character.
689.) How about Squidward? A little off track?: And the cartoon creator says they’re both straight…
690.) Do you like to make up stupid excuses in school like "I was too busy getting raped by a bull to do my homework"?: Haven’t used that one yet. Maybe I will nao.
691.) Do you do your homework every night?: Nuh,
692.) Do you usually get a lot?: Of course.
693.) "OOOOOO poor baby" << use that phrase a lot?: Never.
694.) Have you ever been French kissed by a dog?: …No.
695.) Have you ever fed a dog or cat out of your mouth?: Fuck no.
696.) Ever eaten a doggie biscuit?: ^Copy & Paste.
697.) Don’t you wish they would make them for humans too?: …gtfo.
698.) Where is your second home?: Don’t have one.
699.) Are dollar stores cool?: No.
700.) How many phone numbers do you have memorized that you don’t need to look up?: None.
701.) Do you wish your teeth would get whiter?: Yeah.

Part.... 6?

502.) Have you ever met any of them in person?: I really want to meet Lenie
503.) Whos the best person to talk to online?: Lenie
504.) Do you ever catch yourself using computer language outloud? (i.e. saying "LOL"): Never.
505.) Do you use AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN……?: Msn
506.) Whats your desktop background?: Joker
507.) Whats your AIM icon?: Dun have one.
508.) How many hours do you spend online in a week on average?: A lot.
509.) Do you have a webcam or a mic?: Can’t figure out hao to make the bitch work.
510.) If your computer shut down for a week, would you die?: Ugh… While I’m in a relationship with Lenie, yes. If I’m not with her, I don’t really need the bitch.

511.) Whats the best present you’ve ever received?: Can’t recall.
512.) Whats the worst present you’ve ever received?: Another thing I cannot recall.
513.) Do you think its better to give than to receive?: Only one person I would ever consider spending money on.
514.) Do you feel guilty when people get you a great present, but you didn’t get them one?: I didn’t ask them to buy it.
515.) Do you make up a lie to cover it up?: Nah.

More Favorites
516.) Favorite radio station: Serious Shade 45
517.) Favorite day of the week: They’re all equally awful.
518.) Favorite fruit: Don’t have one.
519.) Favorite vegetable: Don’t have one.
520.) Favorite lunch meat: Vegetarian.
521.) Favorite candy bar: Too fattening.
522.) Favorite nail polish: Don’t wear the shit.
523.) Favorite chair: One that’s not made of rocks.
524.) Favorite early morning show: I don’t watch TV in the morning.
525.) Favorite morning talk show host: They all suck.
526.) Favorite writing paper: Don’t think I have one.
527.) Favorite section of the newspaper: I don’t read it.
528.) Favorite sibling (if you have any): Don’t have one.
529.) Favorite distant relative: None.
530.) Favorite dessert: Don’t eat desert.
531.) Favorite weather: Cold and snowy.
532.) Favorite season: Fall.
533.) Favorite shoe brand: Adidas.
534.) Favorite lunch: Don’t eat it.
535.) Favorite breakfast: Four excedrin.
536.) Favorite author: Ted DekKer
537.) Favorite place to see concerts: Can’t remember.
538.) Favorite band to see live: Only have scene Motley Crue nao, pretty badass.
539.) Favorite survey you’ve ever gotten: This one, of course <3

More This or That
540.) Nike/Adidas: Adidas
541.) Alone/With friends: Depends on the friends.
542.) Work/Have off: Depends on the work.
543.) Pomegranate/Perssimon: I don’t give a fuck.
544.) Raspberry/Blueberry: Don’t really like either.
545.) Cheech and Chong/Abbot and Costello: …I dunno.
546.) Acid/Shrooms: Shrooms.
547.) Who/The Who: Not fair to judge without knowing what one half of the answer is.
548.) Older/Newer: Newer.
549.) Regular pretzel/Pretzel log: …Regular.. I think.
550.) Have sex/Make love: Why not both?

Have you ever…
551.) Used a swear word the wrong way and made it sound completely stupid?: All the time.
552.) Skipped school?: Technically no,
553.) Done drugs?: Random pills. But nothing serious.
554.) Been drunk?: No.
555.) Been so drunk you couldn’t remember your own name?: No.
556.) Had to look after someone who was on drugs?: Never.
557.) Gone insane?: I’m insane nao, baby.
558.) Been in the hospital over night?: Yeah.
559.) Been in a car accident?: Bus crash, does that count?
560.) A bike accident?: Never rode the bitch long enough.
561.) Broken a bone?: Nuh.
562.) Sprained a wrist or an ankle?: Of course.
563.) Been online for more than 8 hours at one shot?: Spent sixteen hours talking to Lenie once.
564.) Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: I shed one tear, I wouldn’t call it crying.
565.) Watched TV for more than 11 hours straight?: Nothings on the bitch.
566.) More than 12 hours?: Nuh.
567.) How about 5 hours?: Watching The Godfather 1 & 2.
568.) Slipped in public and had everyone laugh at you?: Yeah.
569.) Passed out from hunger?: Nope.
570.) Been to a LAN party?: Got invited to one once, I laughed.

Other Stuff
571.) Do you like going to basketball games?: Not really.
572.) How about swim meets?: Not at all.
573.) Tennis matches?: Lol. I has a pen0r.
574.) Do you like Family Feud?: Too straight.
575.) The ones with Richard?: No.
576.) How about Match Game?: Nope.
577.) Do you watch Game Show network regularly?: When thars shit else on TV.
578.) Do you believe in dream catchers?: Eh… It’s an interesting concept.
579.) Do transvestites appeal to you?: Not really.
580.) Have you ever been to New York City?: Nope.
581.) Do you wish you could live somewhere else?: Lenies house.
582.) Do you dress in different ways to look like other people?: Not anymoar.
583.) Yes or No: Christina Aguilera has talent: Some people say so.
584.) Do you like TiVo?: Sounds badass.
585.) Do you have a TiVo?: Too expensive.
586.) VCR’s or DVD players?: Not much of an option nowadays.
587.) Are you an animal rights activist?: A little.
588.) A vegan?: Hate sandals too much.
589.) Vegetarian?: Yeah.
590.) What do you want to be when you grow up?: Writer or Director.

Do you know…
591.) Who won the Super Bowl last year?: Person I jacked this from said Patriots.
592.) Two years ago?: Person before me put the Patriots again.
593.) Who hosted Family Feud after Richard?: Too lazy to wiki it.
594.) The author of "Frankenstein"?: Mary Shelley, is what the person before me put.
595.) Who the Canadian Prime Minister is?: No clue.
596.) The Queen of England?: If I r gonna live thar someday, I need to find out.
597.) Prime Minister of Britain?: Tony Blair, is what the chick before me put.
598.) Espanol?: Learning.
599.) Deutsch?: Nope.
600.) Japanese?: No.
601.) François?: I know what Chienne means.

August 25th, 2008

part 5

402.) Do you like going to arcades?: Didn’t know they still existed.
403.) Is DDR a cool game?: I suck at it, personally.
404.) What about those racing games?: Never been a fan,
405.) How many parties have you been to in the last 3 months?: Zero.
406.) How many formal dances have you been to in the last year or so?: Zero.
407.) Do you dress up when you go out?: No.
408.) Do you go to see a lot of movies on the weekend?: Too expensive.
409.) Who has the best parties?: …I dunno?

Dating and Stuff
410.) Are you involved romantically with anyone right now?: Lenie.
412.) Do you wish you were with someone right now?: I has my dreamgirl already.
413.) Do you have a secret crush?: Loyal to one and only.
415.) Do they know? GUH.
416.) How many people have you dated in the passed year?: Onez.
417.) Kissed in the past year? E-Kisses do count.
418.) Do you know what 143 means?: I love you. Lenie answered this.
419.) How many people have you said "I love you" to?: One.
420.) Did you mean it?: Very much so.
421.) If you didn’t mean in, why did you bother saying it?: FILLING IN ALL QUESTIONS.
422.) Do you say I Love You to your friends all the time?: No.
423.) Where do you go out on dates?: Flyff. >:
424.) Whats the most fun date you ever had?: All of them/
425.) If you break up with someone do you cry your heart out while listening to breakup songs and then in an hour your fine again with a new love-buddy?: .No. I run away.

Who Would Win In a Fight?
426.) Britney or Christina: Christina.
427.) Justin or JC: Justin.
428.) Frodo or Sam: Frodo.
429.) B2K or Nsync: … Dunno who b2k is, but Nsync cud lose to anyone.
430.) Cartman or Bart Simpson: Bart Simpson
431.) Dracula or Frankenstein: Dracula.
432.) Triumph or Simon Cowell: ...Unsure.
433.) Conan or Jay: Dunno who either of them are, really.
434.) Rosie O’Donnell or Boy George: Rosies one tough bitch.
435.) Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson: I think both of thar boobies wud explode.
436.) Tommy Lee or the guy whos married to Carmen Electra right now: Tommy Lee looked like he was about to die on the wikipedia picture. Guess the other guy.
437.) Bill O’Reilly or Chris Matthews: I dunno.

438.) Who are your heroes?: Abandoned them all.
439.) Why do you look up to them?: I stopped.
440.) Do you wish you could be just like them?: Used to.
441.) State the most inspiring quote you know: Dunno any.
442.) Do your parents inspire you?: Dad does. He has one shitty ass life and seems so stable most of the time,
443.) Do any of your friends inspire you?: Not at all.

More Random Questions
444.) Are nutri-grain bars good or bad?: Never ate one.
445.) Do you eat a lot of donuts?: No,
446.) What kind?: ANSWER HERE.
447.) Do you like chocolate?: Only with peanut butter.
448.) Has your uncle ever gone to jail for unpaid parking tickets?: Probably.
449.) Do you see dancing giraffes and living gnomes in your sleep?: Uhm. No.
450.) Do you like headphones that go in your ears or stay out?: The in ones.
451.) Do you like mini blinds?: Mini blinds?
452.) Have you ever broken your mini blinds with a hanger?: …I dunno.
453.) Have you ever gotten into a violent fit of rage and tried to murder someone?: …No.
454.) How is this survey so far?: Something to do.
455.) Do you like the movie ‘Fantasia’?: Can’t remember.

What’s Your Take On…
456.) Life: Shit.
457.) The world: Shit.
458.) President Bush: Moar shit.
459.) Ahhhhnold: He’d make a better president than Bush.
460.) Gary Coleman running for governor: ...I really feel bad for that guy.
461.) Howard Stern: Never gave enough of a shit to watch him.
462.) The war in Iraq: Never should’ve gone in. We need to get the fuck out. Nao.
463.) the economy: Shit.
464.) jay-z retiring: Never gunna happen.
465.) school: Spanish is a bish.
466.) going to college: I shud do it.
467.) marriage: What I should be doing with Lenie.
468.) football: Dun really care for it.
469.) baseball: Dun give a shit.
470.) people cutting themselves for pleasure: Drugs > Scars.

Do You…
471.) Pick your nose?: No.
472.) Untie your shoe laces everytime you take your shoes off?: Forget to a lot.
473.) Fart a lot?: Nuh.
474.) Burp a lot?: Nuh.
475.) Do stupid things in public?: I dun go into public much.
476.) Terrorize innocent people on golf courses?: Nuh.
477.) Have random hallucinations?: Not really.
478.) Wear shirts with quotes on them?: No.
479.) Wear patches and/or pins on your clothing?: No.
480.) Wear leg warmers?: Nope.
481.) Sing in the shower?: I have in the past.
482.) Play any card game?: Sometimes.
483.) Sleep with a teddy bear?: Lolno.
484.) Take your pet for a walk?: I really shud.
485.) Have a snake?: Nope.
486.) Have webbed feet?: Nope.
487.) Wear colorful socks?: No.
488.) Have a life?: I cud have one if I wanted one.
489.) Drink coffee?: No.
490.) Drink tea?: No.

491.) What are your screen names?: Chienne, Nada.
492.) Emails?: None of your business. Bitch.
493.) Do you have a website?: A few shitty ones.
494.) Do you have a live journal or dead journal?: … Nao I’m gonna google search ‘dead journal’
495.) Do you ever get off the computer?: For skewl.
496.) What are your favorite websites?: Can’t recall having any.
497.) What are your favorite online stores?: Nun.
498.) Do you buy a lot of stuff online?: No.
499.) If so, what?: HAI.
500.) Whats the last thing you bought online?: Cowboy Bebop anime thing.
501.) Do you have a lot of online friends?: People who think thar my friends.

Part four~

302.) What do you do?: FILLING IN ALL QUESTIONS!!!!
303.) Does your boss like you?: I DUN HAVE A BOSS!
304.) How much do you get paid?: NOTHING, I DUN HAVE A JOB.
305.) Do you have your own bank account?: You mean those things that steal your money? No.
306.) Do you have a credit card?: You mean those things that rip you off? No.
307.) a checkbook?: Nope.
308.) Are you a big spender?: Nah.
309.) Do you go to the mall a lot?: Not really.
310.) In an average week, how much money do you spend?: None.
311.) Do you know how much a peso would be worth in the United States today?: I’ve no clue >;
312.) How about a Franc?: …What about france?
313.) Do you really care?: Nuh.
314.) Do you like your job if you have one?: I dun have one, bish.
315.) If you don’t have one, do you wish you had one?: Used to. Nao I just wanna spend all my time with Lenie.
316.) Do you wish you had more money?: To an extent.
317.) Why?: Cause I’m broke as fuck.
318.) Would you rather be filthy rich with no friends or dirt poor with tons of friends and a dog?: …The dogs tempting. I hate most of my friends nao, so I think I’d prefer filthy rich.
319.) Do you have a cool wallet?: Nah.
320.) What is the largest amount of money you ever had in your possession at one time?: Three hundred dollars.
321.) What are you wearing?: ...You pervert.
322.) What are you listening to?: Gorillaz
323.) Who are you talking to?: Lenie.
324.) What are you doing other than filling out this survey?: I just told you two things.
325.) How is your hair?: Fluffy.
326.) Do you have anything on your feet?: Socks.
327.) Are you cold or warm?: Mixture of the two.
328.) Do you have any jewelry on?: None at all.
329.) Do you have any makeup on?: I has your moms lipstick on my pen0r, does that count?
330.) Name 4 things laying around your desk: Speakers, soda, shit, The sims 2 disc.
331.) Pick up a books laying near you and type a random sentence from a random page: Fuck you.
332.) Open a cabinet near you and describe whats in it: Thar are no cabinets here, thanks.
333.) What time is it?: Six-ish.
334.) Should you be doing something else now?: Bugging Lenie to talk to me.
335.) Why aren’t you doing it?: She needs her space.
336.) Is your room a mess now?: Never hasn’t been.
337.) Is your mom nagging at you to clean it?: She doesn’t know what it looks like.
338.) What are any people around you doing?: Thar all at the casino, and my sisters out selling her fat body.
339.) Who are you thinking about right now?: Lenie.
340.) Are you doing anything illegal?: …Yeah. Right nao I r robbing a bank.

341.) How much time do you spend on your appearance in the morning?: About an hour.
342.) Do you wear makeup regularly?: MOMS LIPSTICK ON MY PEN0R, YES.
343.) If so, what?: I just told you, bitch.
344.) Are your looks important to you?: My looks, yes. I dun much care about what others look like.
345.) Do you want to change the way you look?: Yeah.
346.) What would you change?: Everything.
347.) How do you usually wear your hair?: Gelled teh hell.
348.) Do you dye your hair?: Not in a while. Can’t pick a color.
349.) Do you straighten you hair?: No.
350.) What color is your hair naturally?: Blonde-brown.
351.) What is your eye color?: Brown
352.) Do you wear colored contacts?: No.
353.) Do you look like your parents?: Thar better then sum. I just wish they’d buy moar food.
354.) Is that good or bad?: ..Guess so.
355.) Do you turn strange colors sometimes?: Yes.
356.) Why?: It’s reflected by the whether.
357.) Do you have any piercings?: Earrings.
358.) Any tattoos?: Nuh.
359.) Ever gotten a makeover?: I has a pen0r.
360.) Do you experiment a lot with new looks?: …Not really.

361.) Have you ever been out of the country?: Nuh.
362.) Out of your state?: Yeah.
363.) Out of your city?: Yeah.
364.) Do you go on a vacation every year?: Not every year.
365.) If so, to where and for how long?: … I dun remember.
366.) Have you ever ridden in a plane?: Nope.
367.) In a boat?: Scared shitless of boats, but yeah.
368.) Do you visit relatives that live far away from you at all?: Sometimes.
369.) On average, every week how many miles do you travel?:No clue.
370.) Do you drive?: I failed the test >;

371.) Favorite car?: Not the type to pick favorites.
372.) Color for that car?: …Black?
373.) Do you have your license?: Failed the test >:
374.) Permit?: Yeah.
375.) Do you like fast cars?: I dun really give a shit.

376.) How long so you sleep each night on average?: Six to eight hours.
377.) Is this enough?: Moar then I deserve.
378.) Do you dream every night?: Everyone dreams everynight, you just forget them most the time.
379.) Describe a weird dream you had: Guh… Can’t think of any off the top of my head.
380.) Do you sleep in awkward positions?: I dun watch myself sleep.
381.) Do you sleep in school?: Sometimes.
382.) If so, do you wake up with different patterns all over your face from whatever you were laying on?: …That does happen.
383.) What position do you usually wake up in?: I’m too upset about steves ass being in my face to notice.
389.) Does your alarm clock wake you up?: Just enough for me to wake up and turn it off, than fall back asleep.
390.) What kind of alarm clock do you have?: Cell phone.

Going Out
391.) How often do you go to parties?: Not very often.
392.) Are you a crazy party hopper?: No.
393.) Do you like wild parties with lots of people?: Not a crowd person.
394.) Are you a social butterfly?: Not really.
395.) Do you go clubbing?: Nuh.
396.) Ever been drunk?: Nuh.
397.) Ever get kicked out of a party?: No.
398.) For what?: FILLING IN ALL ANSWERS.
399.) Do you throw a lot of parties?: Nope.
400.) Do you go to the mall a lot?: I swear you’ve asked this before.
401.) Do you go with a lot of friends?: Nuh.
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